Here to make you look good and win business.

Websites that convert. Apps that are intuitive. Clean, simple, and thoughtfully designed.
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You’re here because something isn’t working.

You have a great product, but your website isn’t convincing enough customers to buy.

Your current branding is just “meh,” and it isn’t communicating the high value of your business.

You have a life-changing concept, but your app has low engagement and you don’t know why.

You can't figure out how to tell your story in a clear and concise way, confusing your customers.

I get it. And I’m here to help.
Christine Maggi in her officeAn image of Christine Maggi at her deak
Hi, I'm Christine Maggi – aka Design Gal
Hi, I'm Christine Maggi —
aka Design Gal

Your design partner for mission-driven companies.

With over a decade of experience and a killer combo of visual design and user experience skills, I bring both beauty and brains to your project. You can rely on me to communicate regularly, deliver on time, and provide real value to your business.

Here's what I can do for you:







And my work?

I'll let you be the judge here.
An image mockup of screens from a pregnancy appAn image mockup of screens from the homepage for The Rounds.A collection of brand assets for a wine subscription service, including logo, color palette, photography style, and sample typography.An image mockup of screens from a pregnancy appAn image mockup of a financial dashboard websiteAn image mockup of screens from a sign up flow for a meal delivery serviceAn image of a website mockup for a regional telecommunications businessAn image mockup of the home screen for a women's health appA mockup image of a website design for a digital agency